An advantage of our amino-acids lies in the fact that they can be administered at home and safely over the long term. Unlike pharmaceuticals of chemical origin, amino-acid preparations are purely natural substances, and as a result have practically no side effects.

Another advantage of treatment with our amino-acid preparations is that every monthly course is strictly individual; a special combination of our preparations is selected for each patient, as well as special dosing according to clinical condition and age. And later, when the patient uses amino-acids at home, parents inform us about the improvements and changes in their child's condition. The dosage and combination of amino-acids can always be corrected with regard to the current condition and requirements of the child. Regardless of how long treatment continues, it takes place under the supervision of our doctors.

To ensure greater comfort for our patients, consultations take place not only at our centre, but also in locations close to our patients – in a number of cities in Germany, Poland and Italy. You can find an overview of consultations in the bookmark CONSULTATIONS.

Parents with children can come for a consultation either directly at our centre or may choose a venue and time of consultation during our consultation days held in Germany, Italy or Poland. After the consultation the patient receives amino-acid preparations for one month, which are administered within the home environment. During the course of this month the child's parents contact us by e-mail or telephone to inform us about the improvement in their child's condition and order amino-acids for the next month, which we then send by post. As a result the first consultation for treatment with amino-acid preparations is required in person, whilst further consultations may take place by telephone, e-mail or online.