Our amino-acid preparations provide effective help to children with ADHD. They reduce hyperactivity, enabling the child to concentrate longer and better, either in play or at school. At kindergarten the child is capable of playing with other children, browsing through picture books and drawing.

Practically all children who have started using our amino-acid preparations from early childhood attend regular schools and attain educational results comparable to those of their peers and fellow students. Our amino-acids also help in school age, children manage school learning better, and also in many cases amino-acids have helped prevent the transfer of a child with ADHD to a special school.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

A child with hyperactivity who uses amino-acids ceases to be in constant motion. Not only does the child run and jump about less, but is also capable of playing for a longer period with toys, reading a book or listening to a story.

A child with ADHD also ceases to talk constantly, has reduced impulsiveness and the inability to wait for anything subsides.

Children using amino-acid preparations cease to make “silly mistakes” in school or to answer questions without having listened to them in full. They are able to concentrate on detailed set assignments.

Amino-acid preparations help harmonise excitation and inhibition processes in neurons, thereby achieving a reduction of hyperactivity (purposeless, excessive movements regardless of the surroundings and situation, raised vocal and spoken manifestations). Furthermore a number of our amino-acid preparations have a mild stimulating effect, by which we are able to improve concentration in patients with ADHD. Our amino-acid preparations thus not only reduce hyperactivity, but at the same time improve concentration and attention.

Amino-acid preparations help children with ADHD adapt better both at home and at school, and to manage all their obligations. Children begin to understand danger, since a hyperactive child may easily run into the road or fall down a hole. Their social adaptation abilities also improve.

For girls with ADHA, older children and also patients of adult age, the problem is a little different, mainly there is a deficit of perception, attention disorder, impulsiveness and a feeling of inner agitation. Amino-acid preparations aid better concentration and prevent scattering in various tasks. This leads to an improved situation and alleviation of problems in school, or for adults at work.