Our amino-acid preparations provide effective help to children with CP: they improve muscle tone, overall posture, improve balance, reduce spasticity and hypotonia; in children with retarded psychomotor development amino-acids stimulate the intellect and development of speech.

Parents of children with cerebral palsy (CP) have various therapeutic options available, nevertheless the options that can be applied at home every day are the simplest and most effective – amino-acid preparations are administered within a home environment or anywhere else you may find yourselves. Rehabilitation is also possible within the home environment when the parents apply the appropriate expertise.

The advantage of treatment with our amino-acids is primarily in the fact that amino-acids have an influence on children not only in the development of their motor skills, but at the same time in the development of intellect and speech. This has been observed not only by parents of children with CP, but also by speech therapists, teachers in kindergartens and primary schools who look after children and observe children who use our amino-acid preparations.

Concentration and persistence, which are so important for all activities from playing to learning in school or during rehabilitation, are also improved in children. Children's social adaptation is also improved.

Amino-acid preparations enhance the results of rehabilitation in children with CP – muscle tone is improved, as well as the range of movement, gross and fine motor skills. Muscle tone is adjusted according to the disorder, thus in the case of spasticity muscle tone is reduced – in the limbs or the face, in the case of hypotonia muscle tone is increased – in the area of the chest or whole body in the case of general hypotonia.

Muscle tone in patients with CP, especially in the hyperkinetic form, depends to a considerable extent on the emotional adjustment or mood of the child. Amino-acids also influence the child's emotional adjustment, reduce emotional tension and fear and thus normalise muscle dystonia.

If a child with CP also suffers from epilepsy, amino-acid preparations have a positive influence not only on CP, but also on epilepsy. Amino-acids help reduce overall seizure activity, for more on epilepsy